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share details- first week of September

Welcome Fresh, Fall members. Each week we'll send out a list with what you can expect to see in the share. We had been highlighting weekly the couple new veggies ready for harvest, but since many folks are just starting pickup now, it'll all be new! So here is a list. Quantities have not been included since the harvest is split evenly among shareholders for some crops and is thus not known ahead of time.

sweet purple PEPPER
plum or slicing TOMATO
german extra hardy GARLIC
yellow wax BEAN
red BEET
genovese sweet BASIL
dutchess APPLE
EDAMAME (green soybean)

-------> No on street parking. Park in the barnyard as if multiple cars will be coming in after you that also need to park.

"In the past fifty years, as factory farming spread from poultry to beef, dairy, and pork producers, the average cost of a new house increased nearly 1,500 percent; new cars climbed more than 1,400 percent; but the price of milk is up only 350 percent, and eggs and chicken meat haven't even doubled. Taking inflation into account, animal protein costs less today than at any time in history. (That is, unless one also takes into account the externalized costs- farm subsidies, environmental impact, human disease, and so on- which makes the price historically high.)
                                                                                        -Jonathan Safran Foer

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