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off-farm transitions

As many of you know, during the academic year, I work mornings at the science library at SLU. The position allows me to interact with many interesting folks and gives us another income stream. This is in addition to the CSA's modest profits and Bob's winter coaching position with the Nordic Ski Team. These three interesting jobs complement each other pretty well, providing varying work that is satisfying. And for this I am thankful. Alas, though, none provide health insurance.

Starting this month, I'll be working full-time at St. Lawrence in the Modern Language and Literature department.  It's a 10-month position, with June+July off. It was a mega decision to accept this job. My attachment is strong to the daily goings on of the farm as well as the physical variability of the work. So there's a lil' anxiety bumping around. But it will provide us with insurance and increased income to continue important projects around the land (including the house we started last year). And thankfully between Bob's capable hands, our handy apprentices Claire & Dan and the shareholder involvement, all will be well. It's probably a bruised ego as much as anything (since it's more compelling for me to think of myself as a farmer than an administrator). I'm working on getting over that. Or appreciating the ways that both can be true. The department is full of fascinating activity. I can get back into improving my Spanish and appreciating some of the cultural diversity concentrated there.

I'm not jumping ship or anything. I look forward to seeing members on Saturdays and evenings in the share barn. Just wanted to give everybody this info and some of the background that went into making the decision for us.

To a colorful and contemplative fall.
very best,
carol conklin of amity farm batik

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