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share info-third week of sept

This is the season for fluctuating weather. We woke to a frosted landscape. Amazingly, we're on the doorstep to the fall equinox. A full season of ever abundant greenery, will eventually be knocked into dormancy. Depending on the plant's hardiness this could happen very soon (basil, tomatoes) or a little down the road (spinach, kale). Not to fret though, there is much bounty in the fields.

This week's offering  brings:

LETTUCE GREENS cutting mix
purple BASIL
sweet and hot PEPPERS
red norland POTATOES
green BEANS

red zeppelin ONIONS

   There ought to be a way to combine "autumn" and "morning" into one word, the combination of the two is special enough to be its own entity.                                 ~Terri Guillemets

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