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Campaign Update-new video

As you likely know, we are amidst an online campaign to raise funds to build a greenhouse at the farm. There's only a couple weeks left and there's still $4,000 to raise! If we meet our financial goal, we'll break ground on the project this summer. The campaign is at Indiegogo and now features a new introduction video. Check it out, you just may see yourself! We tried to capture the spirit of the place.

Also, thank you members for being so allowing with our taking photos when you are at the farm. It helps us chronicle the evolutions of the seasons and share the farm experience more broadly. That said, if you aren't comfortable with your photo being taken and/or posted online, let us know and we'll readily abide that preference.

Kindly share the campaign link widely! Donations of any size are most welcome and the greenhouse will be hugely important progress infrastructure-wise. We do not take soliciting donations lightly. We decided to ask for community support for this project as it was cost-prohibitive on our own and as a farm open to all, shareholders or not, we hope the farm has had lasting positive impact on many individuals.

Thanks for being a part of it all.

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