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littleGrasse apprentices

We offer a learning & living opportunity here at the farm for young people. This season, we have an array of arrangements with four enthusiastic folks. You'll probably be seeing them around the fields, please introduce yourselves! This apprenticeship focuses on building practical skills to manage a diversified small-farm and homestead. The participants will have the chance to participate in a wide array of group activities from seed to table, while grasping the inner workings of this unique CSA. The apprenticeship is not paid and complies with NY standards for additional technical preparatory training (and room/board for some situations) in exchange for labor. 

Meet the crew!
Kaitlyn Lawrence-I'm a junior and Sustainable Agriculture major at Green Mountain College. I was a visiting student at St. Lawrence for the spring Sustainability Semester, and can't wait to get my hands dirty!
She'll be with us through June.

Emily Penna- Ever the enthusiastic littleGrasse participant, Emily came out weekly to harvest all last fall. She's active on campus at SLU in the Java music theme house she lives in and is an English major. 
She'll be living and working with us until heading back to campus for her final semester.

Lauren D' Angelo- I am a recent graduate of environmental studies from SUNY Binghampton and my main interests are forestry and ecological agriculture!  
She's heading abroad with the Peace Corps next year and will be living at the farm into October.
Joshin Atone- I'm from Southern California and played a lot of baseball throughout my life. I'm half Japanese, half American, and I go visit my family in Japan twice a year so I consider that home as well. A recent grad from SLU: multi-Language major (Spanish, French, Chinese) and music minor. For the summertime I am excited to learn about growing and cooking food as well as other hands-on creation processes. I'm living with Ellen Rocco which I'm super excited about. It'll be great to learn more about the North Country and make lots of music while I'm at it.
He'll be at the farm part-time into the fall.

We're looking forward to working with this great group of individuals.

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