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Spring Update

     Though the winter was fierce and spring didn't exactly rush in, we've been able to work with the weather and stay mostly on our planting schedule. The garden morning this past weekend was quite productive and we got several hundred brussels and broccoli in the ground. The peas were already popping and just in this past week, we're seeing growth in the leeks and onions.  All the winter squash and pumpkins starts are in cold frames, just beginning to germinate. The end of the month will bring lots of transplanting and direct seeding, including many favorites like tomatoes, eggplant and beans.
     The piglets were more challenging to secure this season what with the scarcity, partly due to the Porcine Epidemic that began sweeping the nation last year starting in the mid-west. Thankfully we create conditions far healthier (in ventilation, diet, exercise) than confinement operations where this has dominated. Still, it's something farmers around the globe need to be aware of.
     Also, still in the works is our online fundraising campaign for a beautiful, sturdy all-important greenhouse on the farm. We're keeping costs as low as we're able to through trading some our farm products for design consultation and framing labor. Consider a donation today and pass along the link to the Indiegogo site to friends and family!
     Several folks have asked about times in the week to plug into the garden beyond the Second Saturday Garden Mornings. The short answer is: mornings! Other Saturday mornings are great as well as most every weekday morning, with 9am-noon being prime. Send us an email or Facebook message if you want to put in some hours around the farm. Occasionally you'll see a group email from us, alerting members of an upcoming task that would be best accomplished with many hands. Those opportunities are a great way to fulfill your monthly time.

We're looking forward to beginning CSA distribution in a month or so. Stay tuned!

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