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sept. garden morning pics

Yes, it was grey on Saturday morning. And yes, it began to rain as we started to eat lunch. And yes, I suppose it was a little full in the barn as a result. BUT WE HOPE YOU HAD AN ENJOYABLE, MEMORABLE TIME! It was a very productive morning. All the winter squash and pumpkins were harvested (1000+) along with many pounds of potatoes, tomatilloes, groundcherries and edamame. We cleaned up multiple areas and fed lots of veggies to the appreciative chickens. Overall, very positive (except when our dog Rye snatched the last muffin of of Penelope's little hands). Lew's guacamole and Grace's wontons were eaten at record speed! Thanks for all the delicious contributions to the meal.

Thanks for coming out and we look forward to next month. 
October brings roots harvest and garlic planting!

note: penelope's muffin, before Rye came along!

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