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COMMUNITY SUPPORT ON APRIL 27th: important stuff!

Many of you likely recall the meetings and zoning challenges of 2012-13.  Countless lovely community members attended meetings and helped make food production possible on our entire property. There's more to come! It is not currently legal for us to raise livestock (beyond 6 chickens) within 250' of Miner Street. It is not legal for them to be in any of the closest fields by the barn or in the fields next to Taylor Park Road. We hope to change that! We've applied for a land use variance for seasonal small scale livestock (chickens and lamb), appropriately scaled for our parcel.
If you believe this should be an allowed use, Please join us next Tuesday at 6:30pm sharp!   We are the only item on the Town Zoning Board of Appeals (ZBA) agenda, so we don't expect the meeting to be long. It is rare that land use variances are approved, but we'll do our best to have a strong showing. A full house will demonstrate a major interest in accessible and diversified local food systems. All of our acreage is in the Agricultural District and we believe the ability to rotate seasonal livestock through our  fields will improve our CSA Farm and Educational offerings as well as improve the character of the neighborhood. 
No need to prepare a speech, just show up!

TUESDAY APRIL 28th 6:30pm
Municipal Bldg basement
60 Main Street

If you are interested in learning more, here's the site plan review we submitted as well as our answers to the 'test,' questions required by all variance applicants.

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