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Variance denied

First off, thank you to everyone who came in support to the town zoning board of appeals meeting last night. There were around 20 folks with us including neighbors, shareholders and/or community members. We appreciate the thoughtful comments of John, Grace and Richard as well. Our application was not passed.

I don't have the exact numbers to cite, but it's my understanding use variance applications are denied 90+% of the time. We were somewhat optimistic that the use request may have a chance due to the seasonal nature of the small livestock and not requiring a permanent building.
our property-with total acreage and zoning lined marked
Just to be clear, we will still be raising chicken this season in the rural portion of the property. The animal protein share will still contain chicken and pork. We had hoped to be able to raise the birds in a fallow/cover cropped area of one of the main fields to improve soil fertility, but that is not yet possible. We need to re-group and figure out what the next step might be. Let us know if you have any questions at all about the process. Everything we are currently doing is completely legal, we were just hoping to have small livestock in the road frontage areas. The share pickup barn and all those close fields are in the residential zone, so the allowed uses are more restricted than the forested rural portion of the property.

Thank you.

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