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Member input!

Greetings dear shareholders,
As many of you know, I am working towards my M.ed. at St. Lawrence on a part-time basis. I take a couple evening classes each semester. The wonderful thing about the program is it's geared towards the specific settings each student will be using the information. As I am most passionate about Ag Ed., many of my papers and hands-on projects have related to this in some way. 

This semester I am enrolled in Educational Technologies. We are learning an array of teaching tools and are responsible for creating portfolios of work. Our next assignment is to create a 3-5 minute informational/instructional clip and I've got my eye on the CSA!

Here's the topic:
I will create an informational clip for potential shareholders to our Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) farm, littleGrasse Foodworks. The viewer will have the opportunity to hear about the philosophy that drives the farm, snippets of current member experiences as well as photos and footage from the fields and share barn. The goal is to encapsulate the spirit of the farm and experience of being a shareholder. This will allow each viewer to decide if the CSA is a good match for them.

I would like to schedule 3-5 conversations with current willing shareholders. I would be filming this discussion and drawing out a quote or segment from each discussion. I expect the conversation would take 10-20 minutes. If there is a specific aspect you would like to share about your experience, it would be a pleasure to speak with you. If you are willing to talk, but not sure what to talk about, I will have questions prepared that are optional. I am interested in members of all ages (children too!). Ideally I would gather the footage in the next two weeks, so I'll have time to edit.

Let me know if you are willing to participate! We plan to post it on the farm's site as a resource for potential new members.

Thank you,


  1. I'd like to particpate. RG

  2. I'm out of town til the 27th so can't likely participate, don't know that I'm the best candidate to do so anyway! :-) Hope it goes well! XO Chel